FAVIER Group’s fire-proof insulated sleeving (references SCS, SCS-E, SCS HT and SCS-THT) are braided systems made from thick fibreglass. They are guaranteed to be asbestos- and halogen-free, and are coated in fire-proof silicon rubber. An extremely flexible solution, these are easy to thread onto cables or any other tubular element (flexible pipes, hoses, temperature probes, etc.). The technical characteristics of this insulating sleeving are remarkable, allowing them to be used in temperatures from -260°C to +1050°C.

The primary functions of this sleeving are the following:

  • Protection from external factors such as flames, splashing molten metal or glass and steam
  • Protection for operators from any risk of burns when transporting fluids or gases at extreme temperatures
  • Lagging.
  • This fire-proof protective sleeving has the characteristics you need for the best possible performance:
  • Extreme resistance to hydraulic fluids, fuel oil and diesel
  • Fire-proof
  • Good UV resistance
  • Good resistance to flames, self-extinguishing
  • Hermetic

FAVIER Group’s fire-proof sleeving meets the most stringent standards: they are even HL3-classed according to the R22-R23 requirements of the EN 45545 rail, RoHS and REACH standards.

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