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Commercial Service

In permanent relation with the customers, our commercial service ensures the connection with the factory. It processes and verifies the feasibility of orders according to your requirements. Orders are then sent to the factory and managed according to an agreed schedule at the time of the contract review.

Phone : +33 (0)4 73 82 12 93
E-Mail : info@favier-group.com

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FAVIER Group specialises in the manufacture of protective and insulating sleeving for protection from heat, electricity and mechanical stress. Although each type of sleeving has its own specific application, some can be used in more than one role.  For example, they can protect elements as varied as sleeved electrical wires, electrical cables, temperature probes, flexible hydraulic tubing, hoses, cable bundles and reel unspoolers from high temperatures, mechanical friction and electric discharges.

Our protective sleeving can be braided, woven or extruded; whatever kind of material you need (fibreglass, silica, basalt, silicon, PVC, polyurethane, composite materials, etc.), FAVIER Group can guarantee the best in terms of quality and safety in all types of application, from electro-mechanics, automotive, rail and aeronautics to electrical appliances, steel, lighting and metallurgy.

Every type of insulating sleeving made by FAVIER Group meets the requirements for all current standards in Europe and around the world.  This keeps them fully compliant with the regulations in force and ensures they meet our clients’ needs in terms of protection.

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