With more than 90 years of experience and 4 generations of braiders, FAVIER TPL acquired substantial skills and expertise in braided insulating sleeving. This makes our company one of the European leaders in its field.

The production resources didn’t stop developing to reach today 180 braiding machines on two sites and a production capacity of 3 millions meters per month.

The company enjoys a very marked presence internationally, with nearly 70% of its T/O exported in more than 50 countries and T/O which is continually increasing. This commercial presence is assured by a network of distributors spread throughout the world.

The company has familiarised itself with Economic Intelligence and has acquired a volontarist strategy, directed towards innovation with new operations: carbon braiding, extrusion and yet other projects.

After setting up a Quality procedure, which was ISO 9002 certified in 1994 and which meant that we could break new ground in the world of braiding, the company turned towards management through quality, resulting in ISO 9001-2015

The size of our structure is a feature which we exploit so as to be more attentive to your requirements and to enable you to have direct contact with the right person.

The production adaptability, new products design, new products development, specific packagings, cutting to length and optimal production times, are all priorities we have set for ourselves with a single aim: the satisfaction of our customers.

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