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Società Italiana Guaine Isolanti
Via C. Cattaneo 36,
36040 SOSSANO (VI)

SIGI is the leading manufacturer of insulation sleeving in Italy. The experience and expertise for over thirty years allow us to be a key player in the italian market with an outstanding international presence

The organization of production and logistics, coupled with the reactivity of commercial services, allow us to respond very quickly to the needs of small and medium customers, as well as large companies like De Longhi, Electrolux, etc. ...

The integration of SIGI in the french group FAVIER in 2005, an european leader in the field of insulating sleeving, allowed by the communion of skills to achieve new objectives for the development of the company:

  • Development of exports: the share of exports has grown steadily year after year, with a focus on emerging markets
  • Enlargement of the range with new products (double sleeving, fireproof sleeving, etc. ...) and special packaging (cutting to length, special packaging, etc ...)
  • Reduction of response times of commercial services to various customer requests (quotations, order confirmations, technical requirements ...)
  • SIGI is able to offer products that meet various approvals (UL, UL Canada, UL systems Dolph, Elantas, rail, ...) and various directives and regulations such as RoHS and REACH
  • The department of research and development of group FAVIER regularly develops new products or existing products to meet your specific needs
    • The evolution of existing products: diameters, wall thicknesses, colors, voltages, ... ..
    • New Products development: new materials (braid, varnishes, compounds), double sleeving, ... ..
    • Test in production on the sleeves, according to your needs
    • Approval of products according to standards required by your technical specifications

The development of new products, special packaging, reduced production times and optimized services are priorities that the Group Favier has fixed with a single goal:

The customers satisfaction